TJ’s Run (Live in late-March)

GitHub / RachelElysia / my-tjs-run-app

Short Demo Video for TJ’s Run
Homepage – March 2021

TJ’s Run revolutionizes the way users shop at Trader Joe’s. Users can save their favorite Trader Joe recipes and choose which recipes they want to shop for. With the click of a button, users can simply receive a text of their grocery list directly to their phone.

Search recipes by tag, title, or ingredient!

With my favorite grocery store’s API, I created a data model that supports my MVP. By sketching wireframes, I prioritized my key features. I started with building and testing back-end functions and routes to retrieve data. I built my front-end entirely with React components. Integrated features continued to grow past my MVP of texting a grocery list. I focused additional features on the user experience, developing features like search functionality and responsive design.

With the click of a button, send yourself a text of simple ingredients you need to shop for.

I look forward to deploying my project in mid-March!

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