After ending my career in education teaching summer school Algebra 1 fully remote, I began exploring UX Design and subsequently Full-Stack Development. Self-taught work led me to deepening my knowledge at Hackbright Academy’s Engineering Bootcamp. Here’s all the amazing things I’ve worked on.


Responsive Web Design (HTML, CSS) Certification – Completed September 2020

JavaScript Certification – Completed December 2020

Front End Libraries Certification – In Progress

FreeCodeCamp @RachelElysia


D3 Certification – Completed February 2021

Python 3 Certification – Completed January 2021

React Certification – In Progress

Asynchronous JavaScript Certification – In Progress

Codecademy @RachelElysia

Interaction Design Foundation

Mobile UX Design – Completed November 2020

Information Visualization – Completed November 2020

User Research and Best Practices – Completed November 2020

Design Thinking – Completed September 2020

Human Computer Interaction – Completed September 2020

and more…

IDF Homepage

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