My App *was* Finished!

Here’s a week-old sneak peak!
Edit: Next morning 3/9 9 AM
While following the docs for React-Bootstrap with Next.js, yesterday's bug came from:
module.exports = withCSS({
cssLoaderOptions: { url: false }, ...

I just needed to omit the withCSS wrapper and now Bootstrap is integrated with my current CSS. ❤

Over the weekend, I taught myself (via YouTube) how to create pagination in React as my final nice-to-have feature of my app. I’ve basically been on my own the last four weeks since I opted to push myself to build my front-end only with React. Building a front-end with Flask and Jinja was too similar to my high school websites.

But now that my entire full-stack app is complete 🎉, it feels so weird to be done a week early! I really love Trello because it basically organizes all your accomplishments for you!

A gif of me scrolling through my “Done” column for my App. I stayed organized with a project manager, Trello!

The only things left to work on are:

  1. Make a killer React-y homepage
  2. *Apply responsive design on my nav bar
  3. *Figure out how to highlight and disable the current page button on pagination using useState/CSS
  4. Convert my Twilio API Trial Account
  5. Merge my Python server with my Next.js server–this is what happens when you build your back-end with python and your front-end entirely in React >.<
  6. Research OAuth and making my app more secure (I only implemented a password hasher)
  7. Figure out how to host my server and database
  8. Create a ReadMe doc and demo video!

After today’s Bootstrap lecture, I was inspired to use Bootstrap. I’ve finished FreeCodeCamp’s bootstrap module in the Fall, but I never had a chance to implement it until now.

Instead of figuring out how tackle 2* and 3* with all my 100%-handwritten CSS magic, I decided to prepare myself with some intermediate CSS practice and take the plunge to download React-Bootstrap until…

…another bump in the road…

…I was served my most loathed error, an error with webpacks I can’t figure out how to fix. So my entire app is down because I installed React Bootstrap and it didn’t play well with one of my current CSS files.

After half-an-hour attempting to debug, I didn’t want to touch much else without more experienced eyes to ensure I didn’t continue breaking other things. Instead I spent my Monday afternoon hitting the books. I worked on solving puzzles on LeetCode and studying JavaScript Modules, learning the nuances between JavaScript ES5 and ES6, and coding a few small JavaScript projects on Codecademy.

Feels good to spend my day as a break from building my App and just building my knowledge on Codecademy.

Not quite the Monday I had planned, but since I’ve been working literally 7 days a week on this project for over a month now, it feels good to be forced to focus on some of my other coding quests.

It’s 10:30 PM here, so I think I’ll have to tackle my app-crashing error tomorrow. You’ll definitely hear back from me when Tasks 1-8 are done and my App is finally live! Stay tuned!

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