The New Developer’s Dilemma: To be Basic or Not

Inspirational Quote to Keep Dreaming: Remember once you dreamt of being where you are now.

Now starting my fifth week at my Full-Stack bootcamp, I gained and lost motivation to build a website with templates, and base inheritance using Python, Flask, and Jinja. Why? Because my website showcases my work. And honestly, template inheritance with Jinja feels pretty basic once I started teaching myself React.js and learning about DOM. I’ve already went above and beyond dressing up several bootcamp bare-boned projects with base template inheritance and CSS that I’m ready for the next challenge, using DOM.

When I was half my age, I use to build various iterations of my own website on Geocities. My knowledge and skills of HTML, CSS, inline frames, and FTP was exactly what a teenager needed to design, build, redesign, and rebuild. I even was featured in my local newspaper, the San Jose Mercury News, for my online creations. My teenage self could only dream of the power of what I know and what is available today. With template inheritance and weeks formally-learning HTML and CSS, I now could make my old website designs overnight.

We’re learning about React.js this week and from what I taught myself last week, I have this itch that I’m going to want to build my website using DOM (and open-source it on github to showcase). For now, my website is still embarrassingly a wordpress site linked to my domain. No wonder I haven’t shared my URL.

Can’t wait to update my online presence with a fresh, proudly-coded site–among other neat projects I have in the works!

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