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Rachel Elysia.

Welcome to my cozy corner. After dedicating a decade to the betterment of my students, I moved across country to be with aging family. Along with the pandemic, this life shift has opened many doors of opportunities.

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My App *was* Finished!

Edit: Next morning 3/9 9 AM While following the docs for React-Bootstrap with Next.js, yesterday’s bug came from: next.config.js module.exports = withCSS({ cssLoaderOptions: { url: false }, … I just needed to omit the withCSS wrapper and now Bootstrap is integrated with my current CSS. ❤ Over the weekend, I taught myself (via YouTube) howContinue reading “My App *was* Finished!”

Rendering a Favorite Button Functional Component in React: useState, useEffect, localStorage, useSWR

This is my first technical document on React! I started building on Next.js before my bootcamp taught React Lectures 2 and React Lecture 3. React is not a requirement for our project and yet I decided to build my entire front-end with React utilizing Next.js. I’ve only been coding towards a career for 5 months,Continue reading “Rendering a Favorite Button Functional Component in React: useState, useEffect, localStorage, useSWR”

What Weekends are Made For

Last week was nonstop so I made it a point to close the computer over the weekend. It was tough, but for three days straight, I pushed to spend several hours completely unplugged. This is why we moved here from California; to enjoy moments like Saturday’s. I saw my youngest niece for her 4th birthdayContinue reading “What Weekends are Made For”

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